Practical Social Marketing Tips – Discover the Power of Auto-Integration for Greater Reach & Profit

Today’s Productivity Tips focuses on something you may have heard of, this little thing called Social Marketing. Marketing expert Bill Glazer calls Social Marketing “The biggest marketing opportunity of our lifetime.”

Yet many people still worry about Social Marketing taking up all of their time. wimausa And it can if you do it wrong, as most people do. Most folks wind up like the side show in the circus trying to keep the plates spinning on the sticks. You don’t have to do that at all.

In this week’s Productivity Tip I want to share with you an amazing discovery, and that is the power of AI or Auto-Integration. What is Auto-Integration? Auto-Integration is the combining of Automation with Integration. Automation of course is setting things up to run automatically, without you having to be there, and Integration for our purposes in connecting as many SM sites together as possible so that an action on one SM platform gives you results on one or more SM platforms.

This leads to Greater Reach. In Less Time. For More Profits.

For example, when you set it up correctly, each new published article on EzineArticles is then “auto-tweeted” to Twitter and then that tweeted announcement of your new article is picked up by and posted on your LinkedIn page.

I call this a “traffic triangle” and it is just one of many prospect pulling “traffic triangles” you can take advantage with Social Marketing when you master the power of AI – Auto-Integration.

So if you want Greater Reach. In Less Time. For More Profits. then I strongly suggest you begin using the power of AI – Auto-Integration in your Social Marketing.

Greater Reach – The Golden Rule of the New Internet is whoever has the greatest reach wins. You can quickly and easily extend your reach by creating online visibility by having a strong presence on the major Social Media platforms, especially those that are use by your ideal client. Why reach out with just one tool when you can reach out with many?

In Less Time – You don’t have to be the side show in the circus, spinning plates on sticks and running around to make sure nothing crashes and exhausting yourself. You can set your Social Marketing up in such a way so that one action on one site gives you results on multiple sites.

For More Profit – Why work harder when you can work smarter at this? You will make more money when you extend your reach and spend less time doing it. Getting found is how you get profit.

And to discover even more about how to leverage Social Marketing for greater reach, in less time, for more profit, you can claim your Free Instant Access to the Audio Replay of “The LIFE Model of Social Marketing” when you visit [] – Run time 44:42, complete with an Action Guide to download.

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