Feng Shui For Wealth and Fortune

Feng Shui is a concept based on the theory of Wind and Water translated from the Chinese language to utilize the natural flow of the Wind and allowing it to settle down where there is water. That is what the term Feng Shui means. The Wind means the Qi energy that flows in the air that cannot be seen like the practise made by Master Qigong. bazinga If you want to create the good effect of Feng Shui to bring wealth and good fortune for your house, then you must be able to analyze your flow of Qi energy into your home and allowing it to settle down in your wealth corner with water.

In the olden days, you can easily construct a house with the right facing of the good direction where you can invite the good Qi energy to enter and settle down in the wealth corner. But with the modern day where houses are constructed in such a way that you cannot do much about it unless you are rich to do your own construction. If you are allowed to do your own building and a choice of land selection, then you can analyze your own personal Bazi to see when to build, where to build and direction to face your front door. With these analysis, you will be able to tap the best conditions of Feng Shui to maximise your good fortune and wealth. Of course you have to take note that there is 20 years’ cycle for individual Bazi.

Feng Shui is also about Yin and Yang. Yin is related to female and Yang relates to male. This Yin and Yang is the principle of Heaven and Earth’s balancing of elements in harmony. When doing Feng Shui, it is to have the best orientation of good energy chi you want to receive and avoid any of the bad Qi you can find in your house.

When you are applying Feng Shui, it is also a basic sense of logic for arrangement of your furniture, beds, table, etc. Knowing the basic theory of Qi energy flowing in the house, you must ensure a smooth movement for a person to walk in the house. Beware of the sharp edges or corners that are classified under Sha Qi (poison arrows) that can be destructive. When you want to renovate your house or office, keep in mind about the balance of Yin and Yang.

For starters, you will need to learn about finding out your own personal Kua number that reveals your 4 good directions as well as your 4 bad directions. Then you can learn how to apply the basic Flying Stars theory for your house that reveals the good sectors as well as the bad sectors needed to avoid.

Learn more about Basic Art of placement in Feng Shui for personal well being.

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