PDF to Word Conversion Helps to Make Changes on the Non-Editable PDF

PDF files are used extensively for saving your confidential data and information. It is a safe and secure form of document that can be copied or modified without using special software. The compact-sized PDF is easy to upload and download, and are free from virus attack. Despite so many qualities, there are several reasons that make it compulsory to have PDF to Word converter in our stock. If, we compare the qualities of PDF and Word, we will have to agree that Word provides total flexibility to the users in writing, editing and beautifying the document in an easy manner.

Here are some of the reasons that make Word highly popular among the computer users:

1) It is a Word processor, which means that you can start writing on it directly. On the other hand, PDF is used just as a medium of saving the already written document. Probably, it makes the strongest reason for carrying out PDF to Word conversion.

2) Word allows the user to edit the text, add columns, table, images, flow charts, and diagrams.

3) You can also add hyperlinks and bookmarks for highlighting the essential information.

4) You can adjust the paper-size, and set margins, as per need.

5) It is easy to include header and footer on the Word files, insert endnote and footnote, and add comment.

6) The unique feature of spelling and grammar check makes it easier to write technically correct language.

7) You can change the background or add watermark to provide a different look to the Word document.

No wonder, all these extraordinary features of word files compels us to use the PDF to word Converter, on several occasions.

More often, there are two types of PDF converters- online and desktop, and both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages

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