How to Improve Your French Vocabulary – Use Online Flashcards

One of the main challenges when you set out to learn French is the simplest thing you can think of: learning new words. When you come from English, the challenge is even bigger, as you have to memorise the genre of each word you learn: is it feminine (“une”, “la”,”ce”), or masculine (“un”, “le”,”cette”)? What a headache! Thankfully, online flashcards are a brilliant tool that can help you to learn new French words (and memorise them) every day.

What are flashcards? What are online Flashcards?

Flashcards are double-sided cards that you can use to train your memory. One side of the card displays the question (or the french word), the other displays the answer (the English translation of the word). On a regular basis, you can revise your flashcards, and improve your knowledge. Practice every day, and you’ll see results very soon.

Online flashcards are the web version of paper flashcard: instead of flipping the card to obtain to answer, you simply click on a button to obtain it. They offer many powerful features for French learners.

What are the benefits of online flashcards for French learning?

Online flashcards are a great tool if you want to learn new words in French:


  • Online flash cards are “smarter” than the paper version. Indeed, for each word you revise, you can select how well you remembered it on a scale from 1 to 5. Using this information, the program automatically shows you the words you struggle with most every time you start your daily revision. Studies show that this algorithm is one of the most efficient strategies for long-term memorisation.
  • You can access your flashcards from anywhere: using any internet-connected computer, you have access to a virtually unlimited “deck” of flashcards. No need to carry a big stack of cards around. It makes learning a lot easier.
  • Online flashcard contain more than just written words: online flashcard are multimedia, and you can not only see the written version of words with it, but also listen to an audio file, so you can practice how each word is pronounced. This is crucial for language learning.

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