Soccer Corner Flags: Essential Markers of the Game

The name soccer corner flags itself suggests the purpose and the position of the flags. Corner flags are considered to be the essential components of a soccer ground. They are positioned at the four corners of the soccer playing ground to identify the boundaries. Whether it’s a professional tournament or an amateur tournament, corner flags are considered to be the standard equipment that is essential for a soccer match.

The standard height of the soccer corner flags is 1.42 meters, i.e., 5 feet or 60 inches.

Soccer corner flags are mounted in the field using different types of stakes depending on the ground surface.
There are various methods (depending on the types of the ground) to set the soccer corner flags.

• Single screw type: This is just fixed in the ground (either hard or soft ground). The only problem with this type of setting is that they can fall easily when you run over it.
• T-type setting: This type of flag setting involves two distinct U-shaped prongs which are used to fix it in the ground. This type is more stable than the single screw stake.
• Angled type setting: This type of setting involves a balance between the stake fixed in the ground and the vertical rise of the pole. This helps the stake to remain outside the ground of play and thus keeps the flag exactly on the corner.
• Spring loaded type: In order to provide more flexibility to the flag springs are added at the base. The base is made up of plastic solid which is hollow and is filled by sand or water to provide stability. They can be used for both outdoor and indoor purpose.

The soccer corner flag poles come in two types: PVC plastic and acetate plastic. Some of the recently created poles are compact as well as portable to carry in your bag, since they can be folded into two or three.

The standard diameter for a pole ranges from 1/2 inch up to 1 1/2 inches. Usually the corner flagsare available in sets of four. However, in case you need to replace one, individual flags are also available. These flags are also available in multiples of four if you want to furnish the overall soccer club or soccer grounds in the city. These markers are a combination of a pole and a flag.


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