Options in Finding the Right Corner Rounder

Whether you are talking about an individual creating the perfect scrapbook page, or a printing company putting out thousands of decks of cards, both are going to need to use some type of corner rounder. Of course, the size, price, and capabilities of the corner rounder are going to vary significantly.

Handheld corner rounders can be purchased from a variety of sources. In fact, the local craft store probably has numerous options, so you don’t have to just stick with plain rounded corners. In fact, today’s styles allow you to make scalloped, serrated, and curvy corners. These look great on scrapbook layouts and can also add a great touch to cards and invitations that are being made by hand.

Generally speaking, the crafter simply inserts the corner of his photo, card, or paper and presses down on the corner rounder. These are not usually adjustable, so more than one will have to be purchased if you’d like a variety of angles or edge designs.

While a handheld corner rounder is fine for small projects like cards and scrapbook pages, a desktop unit might be worth considering for those who have to do bigger projects. This is especially true for those who find that they’re doing larger batches. Desk top corner rounders can take a stack of up to about 1/2 inch of paper at a time. This is a reasonable amount for someone who is putting together occasional medium-sized mailings of cards or invitations.

A desktop corner rounder may not be limited to just cutting paper, either. These heavier-duty models can often create rounded corners on plastic products, as well.

For those who are looking for a corner rounder that can stand up to more than a little paper or plastic, then the manual shear action might be a good choice. These have a handle that allows for more leverage when cutting, and they look a little like a slot machine. The jackpot on these models, however, is that they can be used to shear metals like aluminum. The cutting table for this type of equipment may be interchangeable, so the consumer doesn’t have to purchase several machines for different uses. Instead, it is a matter of buying more than one cutting table.

Larger printing operations will probably want to consider investing in a floor model corner rounder. These have a few added features for businesses that do a lot of paper or plastic materials. Some of the manual versions are completely hands free and operate with a foot pedal.


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