Tourist Attractions in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a fascinating region of India where pilgrims far outnumber foreign travellers, so it’s a really interesting state to visit on your India holiday. There are very few developed coastal resorts as in other regions of India, mostly quiet fishing villages and small towns inhabit the coastline other than Chennai and Mamallapurum. So, tourists do not flock here in vast numbers as they do to the beaches of Goa and Kerala. This adds to its charm, making it a great destination for more adventurous India travellers looking for an unspoilt experience.

Manifestations of ancient culture spring up throughout Tamil Nadu state. From the ‘living temples’ of Madurai‘s Sri Meenakshi temple complex to the beautiful rock carvings of the coastal town of Mamallapurum (formerly Mahabalipurum) and the southern-most pilgrimage site of Kanyakumari where the sun rises and sets over two oceans. There is much to take in and a wealth of sights and experiences to be enjoyed in Tamil Nadu. It will become a highlight of any India travel experience.

Mudumalai National Park lies in the western corner of the state where Bengal tiger are present if illusive. It is also an important refuge for wild elephant, rare species of monkey, endangered vulture, chital (deer), Indian leopard and gaurs (rare bison). Again, this park is far less crowded than the national parks of Kerala and the northern states, making it a more authentic part of your India trip.

The hill stations of Ooty (Udhagamandalum) and Kodaikanal are a cool retreat from the heat of the plains and popular with local and foreign tourists. They are great places to stop for a breather during your India holiday. Ooty is perhaps one of the most famous of India’s hill stations. As with Shimla, in the old colonial days, it was the British head-quarters for the Madras (now Chennai) government. Tourists and locals can take the miniature train on a scenic ride up too Ooty enjoying the views on the way up and the fun of the ‘toy train’ experience. Travellers mix with international students, locals and honeymooners in quirky surroundings reminiscent of old rural England. It’s a great place to spend a few days of your India holiday.


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