Poker Bonuses – What’s the Use?

For the last 20 years or so, we have seen a massive increase in the number of people interested in poker. The World Series of Poker has a record number of participants with every year that passes, and the main event is one of the most watched events on television at the time it is aired, particularly the final table in November. With the rise in the popularity of poker, so have we seen a rise in the number of online poker rooms that are available to play. Each of these online poker rooms are in direct competition with each other, the overall goal being to get you to play in their poker room, and continue to play in their poker room. While it is understood that many people will play in multiple online poker rooms, each is competing to ensure that you are playing in theirs more often than anywhere else. As a result of this competition, we find several of the main competing online poker rooms offering some incredible bonus offers to entice players to remain loyal to them.

The most common bonus offers are the initial deposit bonuses. Ever online poker room will offer such a bonus to all new players. The way this works is as follows; you make your first deposit, and the online poker room in which you make that deposit will match your deposit by a certain percentage. This percentage is usually right around 100%. There is always a limit to how much they are willing to match of course, but they are all willing to match your first deposit. Some of them will even offer a first time deposit bonus of over 100%.

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