Why Are Carbon Cycles Important?

Carbon in addition to energy from the sun are the essentials for life on earth. How carbon moves between the environment and seas and ashore among the plants, creatures and microorganisms is the remarkable blend of physical science and science; rich in its effortlessness of rule and interesting in its intricacy in nature.

Here is the carbon cycle from the perspective on a carbon iota guiltlessly joined to two oxygen iotas as an atom of carbon dioxide:

For ages the molecule drifts as a feature of a gas in the climate proceeding onward the flows produced by the energy from the sun.

By chance the carbon dioxide atom passes sufficiently close to the ground to travel through a stomata into a leaf on the most elevated part of a backwoods tree.

The particle is sucked into the science of photosynthesis and turns out to be essential for a cell in the leaf, the carbon iota now part of a sugar atom.

The oxygen iotas return to the climate through the stomata and the carbon particle gets comfortable to its situation in the leaf.

That night a possum moves along the branch that underpins the foliage and sniffs at the leaf yet chooses not to eat it; rather the carbon particle vanishes into the stomach related parcel of a caterpillar.

The caterpillar neglects to process the plant cell divider thus the carbon iotas falls ground ward in the caterpillar’s frass.

Floating marginally on the breeze, the dropping grounds among the fronds of a bromeliad joined to a lower part of the adjoining tree and folds into a pool of water, all the more carefully a soup of microorganisms simply sitting tight for such a flood of food.

Anytime in this arrangement of carbon cycle occasions the carbon molecule could escape back to the air as carbon dioxide.

Rather it moves among the microbes and is in the end devoured by a mosquito hatchlings that arises as a grown-up that is eaten by a flycatcher that poos it in a clump of uric corrosive to the dirt where an entirely different arrangement of decomposer living beings will work.

Through these cycles inside cycles, the carbon iota avoids the climate, moving among the bunch of life forms that make up the biosphere.

It may do this for many years prior to getting back to where the grouping started as a carbon dioxide particle. It may similarly get fixed into carbon mixes in soil and stay there for millennia or become dregs and stay covered for ages.

The earth can be seen as a progression of carbon pools of various sizes and transitions of various rates. These exchanges of carbon have both set out the freedom for advancement and been altered by the organic intricacy that development has delivered.

Carbon particles in carbon dioxide atoms likewise enter the seas to be utilized by incalculable billions of infinitesimal diatoms, microscopic fish and shellfish. A portion of this carbon sinks to the residue in the long run to shape carbonate rocks.

It is enticing to call this a sink, carbon put away for centuries, albeit even this carbon can re-visitation of the air through inspire and disintegration or utilization at plate edges and volcanic delivery.

The standard way of thinking is that anthropogenic environmental change is a result of the disturbance to these carbon cycles in two principle ways:

expulsion of vegetation

consuming of non-renewable energy sources

Some 15% of worldwide ozone depleting substance outflows are from land clearing, arrival of the carbon put away in vegetation and soil. Furthermore, without the leaves there are no stomata to take in that particle of carbon in the carbon dioxide atom.

Some carbon is sequestered in the yields that supplant the trees however this carbon is cycled significantly more rapidly than the normal vegetation, quite a bit of it through us and out into the seas by means of the sewage framework.

The arrival of long haul carbon to the air from the consuming of oil, petroleum gas is essential for an any longer carbon cycle. The momentary impact is to expand the motion to the air. Also, albeit the air has held bigger volumes of carbon dioxide in the land past, air models anticipate that this increment in CO2 has and will bring about an unnatural weather change.

There is another impact of disturbance to the patterns of carbon.

Guideline is less productive when the regular framework is upset. Clearing backwoods and vegetation for yields and brushing land lessens biodiversity and changes the warmth and dampness balance.

Soils lose carbon since they are uncovered and end up drier and friable. At the point when downpour falls it washes away instead of absorbing. The cycle separates further.

This deficiency of support limit, the capacity to assimilate boundaries and store assets for less fatty occasions, is an enormous outcome of disturbing carbon cycles and one we are probably going to lament undeniably in excess of a couple of levels of warming and outrageous climate.

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Smoking, Learned Breath Problem to Change Stress – Core-Breathing to Replace Smoking and Stress

At the point when its time for an individual to quit smoking and begin to carry on with their entire life, some time ought to be spent to acknowledge how smoking is doing them on a passionate level by the manner in which the propensity influences pressure and their enthusiastic mind-set. Smoking is an enthusiastic actual act that has been discovered that was made into a propensity that changes a people passionate state of mind while they smoke. At the point when an individual simply quits smoking their is a physical and passionate mental clash that happens in the body and brain. How an individual location these influences has a significant effect on their disposition about recuperation from smoking and what would they like to make genuinely from not smoking. Since smoking is a bunch of made feelings that is utilized each time individual pickup a cigarette and when an individual quit getting that cigarette it changes their entire passionate experience. Growing new feelings is never ease however consistently a test and discovering individuals that have upgrade their pleasure in life is a proposal. Posing great inquiries is important for learning after individual quits smoking.

By understanding the absolute most remarkable actual act you do as you smoke, is to influence pressure and make a quiet mind-set inside the setting of the learned passionate propensity for smoking. This is done on your exhalation of the smoke inside the propensity to influence actual pressure, that influences feelings. Smoking can be viewed as a breathing propensity to influence pressure and a people passionate state of mind.

This program sees smoking as breathing or breath issue for the demonstration of smoking influences how an individual relax. This is an energy perspective, base on breath and ones soul for they are connect together and understanding this connection gives a smoker thoughts and ideas that allows them to influence their pressure and feelings that can supplant the smoking influence that changes their pressure. Smoking is learned type of breathing that influences your physical and passionate reality by changing pressure that is rehashed as propensity. Just, smoking is propensity to change your pressure which changes your physical and enthusiastic condition and has different impacts on how individual feels.

The force of center/breathing system manages pressure in shoulder and strain in body through its strategies coordinated by the brain that upgrades actual power and feeling through the actual body. There is a maxim in this program, “Change your pressure, you can change your passionate reality” and the most full of feeling demonstrated way is influence pressure is in your breath trade among breathe in and breathe out, for smoking is about how you inhale with a cigarette. View point, your breath bolsters your physical, enthusiastic reality for what you inhale inside passionate circumstances means for your pressure.

When individual chooses to quit smoking the principal thing that happen is they are changing their breathing example during parts of the day and that breathing example is smoking made to influence pressure. The issue for smokers isn’t having that breathing example with educating from a cigarette that diminish pressure in shoulders which influences the inclination all through the body. Missing that propensity that changes pressure is a genuine passionate issue and discovering thoughts and strategies that influence pressure causes the progress from smoking to be non-smoker part more successful.

It has be indicated that by changing your breathing example by broadening breathing reach influences actual pressure which influences feelings for each significant pressure decrease program has breathing piece of their program. In the event that you take a view point that smoking is a breathing propensity that influences pressure by changing your breathing example through the utilization a cigarette to influencing pressure, at that point first inquiry to change from smoking is the manner by which to inhale to influence pressure. By learning an alternate breathing examples and one that makes an individual truly more grounded and holding less pressure into propensity to supplant smoking breathing and its effect to diminish pressure. By seeing and understanding the ultimate objective that your smoking propensity accomplishes for you, gives a view what you need to do to make a similar effect, yet it will be extraordinary and new with out a cigarette.

With away from of your smoking propensity as approach to inhale to influence pressure and your passionate state, it opens another approach to address the effects of smoking propensity in an extremely immediate manner where the individual make their breath to influence pressure in a careful manner. Remember consistently, search for the best strategies that make approaches to decrease struggle truly and sincerely when your halting smoking. Change is hard when it address enthusiastic pressure inside one conduct for it influences the brain, body and soul to transform from an old method of activity to new way being.

This is a perspective about change for there is three perspectives, they are mental, physical and soul for these are words to zero in on when an individual needs to deliberately change. It is the exchange between them that inside individual conduct activity that individual works with to over come smoking propensity. Take a gander at smoking from energy perspective to get going with and perceive what it means for mental and physical. For smoking has three essential parts that coordinate together to influence pressure and discovering approaches to influence each and afterward have them mix together.

The genuine issue when individual location stress head on is ” PEOPLE LOVE THEIR STRESS” for it makes up their passionate reality and when you address that piece of being human, dread keeps individuals down base on not agreement and how to supplant the dread with some type of enthusiastic ability to be self aware while cooperation with others around them. Self is some type of, on going passionate worth projection, interfacing with others that influences enthusiastic associations with life. A few sorts of dread stops great passionate turn of events and its especially physical to mental for its about pleasure inside your own feelings.

Remember the effect of smoking has on people feelings will incredibly and its base on how they figured out how to smoke and at what age and the degree of dread around them around then. At the point when an individual figures out how to smoke which is figuring out how to breath with smoke which affected their energy level that had influence their actual inclination to the cerebrum that influenced their demeanor to manage their dread. To quit smoking will influence individuals in altogether different manners however underlining feelings that individual needs to manage is dread returning to when they figured out how to smoke. Individuals that had low degree of dread and it was a lot of part of being with the gathering, for them to stop will have little effect however individuals that was experiencing parcel enthusiastic dread clashes (youngsters its about dread of not knowing and their encompassing with others and how they fit in) and smoking assist them with getting it, will have a genuine passionate actual clashes that they need to experience and work out with their pressure. Stress is learned and the brain and body manages it in various manners given the person.

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Craps Bonus in Simple Terms

Craps is an excellent example of an easy game to play. A matter of rolling a pair of dice to come up with a range of numbers, players and house either share the win or loss at the hands of the one throwing the dice, aptly called the shooter. Although the method of playing craps is easy to grasp, it is not an easy game to win as it all comes down to chance. Hence, casinos offer craps bonus to entice the crowd of craps fans to stay longer and leave their winnings on the table for another hopeful roll of the dice.

When craps bonus was initially introduced, players abused the bonus by playing on both sides of the fence at the same time. By placing such bets, they stood no chance of winning or losing their wagers, and could withdraw their bonuses when the wagering requirements were cleared. After losing a fair amount of money, casinos finally caught on and came up with rules to allow players to play with their craps bonus on a more level playing field. Other less forgiving casinos decided on an outright ban of using bonus dollars to play craps.


How to Choose the Right Corporate Entertainer for Your Corporate Event Entertainment

You have everything set for your representative appreciation occasion or client appreciation occasion. Your CEO presents the diversion for the night and afterward, gradually, all that comes colliding with a stop. Rather than the chuckling and adulation that you wanted to hear, you hear quietness and weighty moans. The ability, which you thought was the ideal corporate performer for your gathering, frenzies and starts offending the crowd. You gradually lurk down into your seat and keep thinking about whether your resume is exceptional.

As Maya Angelou once stated, “Individuals will fail to remember what you said and fail to remember what you did, yet they won’t ever fail to remember how you affected them.” While the food might be extraordinary and the room looks delightful, these will be immediately failed to remember. What your gathering won’t fail to remember is the manner by which hopeless they felt watching the performer you decided to add some “fun” and fervor” to your occasion. It’s odd that, occasionally, an occasions administrator will go through months on arranging certain parts of an occasion – food, lodging, adornments, and so forth – however stand by to the last moment to book the appropriate corporate occasion diversion.

Here are a couple of corporate occasion amusement thoughts that will assist you with settling on the correct decision of a corporate performer for your next gathering or occasion.


2) Delve into the Demos – Once you have picked a performer or two, cautiously watch the ability’s demo and check whether he/she is a solid match for your gathering. This is the quickest method to affirm that the specific performer will work for you and saves you time – since, supposing that you don’t care for the video, you can rapidly proceed onward to your next applicant. While watching the demo, check whether the ability has worked for comparable gatherings. Notice the socioeconomics of the gathering. Does the video uncover swarm responses? Is the giggling and adulation genuine or is it canned? Are there different execution cuts or is the video generally one execution? Did the corporate performer get different overwhelming applauses or only one?

3) Survey the Site – If you like the demo, scrutinize the ability’s site to see precisely what kind of corporate diversion he/she gives. Notice if the corporate performer has various program choices. Also, take a gander at the organizations for which the ability has worked and afterward read those organization’s tributes. Numerous corporate performers streak logos of organizations on their site; be that as it may, while checking for tributes from those organizations on the ability’s site, those tributes may not be available. On the off chance that an ability is demonstrating a logo of an organization, it conveys the presumption that he/she has worked with that organization and, in this manner, sensibly, the ability ought to have a tribute to back up that guarantee. On the off chance that they don’t, at that point what would it be a good idea for you to accept?

4) Testimonials are Tops – Video tributes have replaced references. Rather than calling somebody to get a reference on an ability, a video tribute will reveal to you all you require to know. What you should search for in a video tribute is who is giving the tribute and what they said. The tribute ought to be from the individual who booked the ability and – for corporate occasion amusement – that ought to be from an occasions supervisor, advertising or deals chief or higher. Crowd part tributes are fine; in any case, you need to get with somebody in corporate who really reserved the ability. Since most corporate performers who are acceptable at their specific employment have been doing it for quite a while, the composed tributes will, without a doubt, exceed those on record. In any case, there ought to be sufficient video tributes to give you strong data regarding the nature of the assistance you can anticipate from the performer.

5) Talk to the Talent – Once you have gotten to that a specific corporate performer might be ideal for your worker appreciation occasion or customer appreciation occasion, at that point contact the ability straightforwardly. A couple of moments on the telephone will reveal some insight into how well the ability won’t just function for your gathering, yet additionally work with you. Likewise with all occasions, adaptability is the key. On the off chance that your ability has such a large number of requests or needs, at that point you may have to look somewhere else. All things considered, you are managing the requests and needs of your gathering and your chiefs. You needn’t bother with a “penniless” performer, too. During your call examine charges, organizing necessities and, above all, how the performer can help you add the “Goodness” factor to your occasion.

Primary concern: Taking an opportunity to locate the privilege corporate performer for your corporate occasion amusement requires “time.” However, occasion directors set aside the effort to: plan various site visits; settle on overflowing decisions to inn cooking; struggle with beautifications, plan inn appointments and loads more to ensure the occasion is a triumph. Try not to leave your choice for your corporate occasion amusement alone one of the last things you do, and don’t generally surrender it to one source. Keep in mind, your gathering likely won’t recall precisely what they ate or the subtleties of the designs on the table, yet they won’t ever fail to remember how hopeless they felt watching a horrible corporate performer.


Options in Finding the Right Corner Rounder

Whether you are talking about an individual creating the perfect scrapbook page, or a printing company putting out thousands of decks of cards, both are going to need to use some type of corner rounder. Of course, the size, price, and capabilities of the corner rounder are going to vary significantly.

Handheld corner rounders can be purchased from a variety of sources. In fact, the local craft store probably has numerous options, so you don’t have to just stick with plain rounded corners. In fact, today’s styles allow you to make scalloped, serrated, and curvy corners. These look great on scrapbook layouts and can also add a great touch to cards and invitations that are being made by hand.

Generally speaking, the crafter simply inserts the corner of his photo, card, or paper and presses down on the corner rounder. These are not usually adjustable, so more than one will have to be purchased if you’d like a variety of angles or edge designs.

While a handheld corner rounder is fine for small projects like cards and scrapbook pages, a desktop unit might be worth considering for those who have to do bigger projects. This is especially true for those who find that they’re doing larger batches. Desk top corner rounders can take a stack of up to about 1/2 inch of paper at a time. This is a reasonable amount for someone who is putting together occasional medium-sized mailings of cards or invitations.

A desktop corner rounder may not be limited to just cutting paper, either. These heavier-duty models can often create rounded corners on plastic products, as well.

For those who are looking for a corner rounder that can stand up to more than a little paper or plastic, then the manual shear action might be a good choice. These have a handle that allows for more leverage when cutting, and they look a little like a slot machine. The jackpot on these models, however, is that they can be used to shear metals like aluminum. The cutting table for this type of equipment may be interchangeable, so the consumer doesn’t have to purchase several machines for different uses. Instead, it is a matter of buying more than one cutting table.

Larger printing operations will probably want to consider investing in a floor model corner rounder. These have a few added features for businesses that do a lot of paper or plastic materials. Some of the manual versions are completely hands free and operate with a foot pedal.



Soccer Corner Flags: Essential Markers of the Game

The name soccer corner flags itself suggests the purpose and the position of the flags. Corner flags are considered to be the essential components of a soccer ground. They are positioned at the four corners of the soccer playing ground to identify the boundaries. Whether it’s a professional tournament or an amateur tournament, corner flags are considered to be the standard equipment that is essential for a soccer match.

The standard height of the soccer corner flags is 1.42 meters, i.e., 5 feet or 60 inches.

Soccer corner flags are mounted in the field using different types of stakes depending on the ground surface.
There are various methods (depending on the types of the ground) to set the soccer corner flags.

• Single screw type: This is just fixed in the ground (either hard or soft ground). The only problem with this type of setting is that they can fall easily when you run over it.
• T-type setting: This type of flag setting involves two distinct U-shaped prongs which are used to fix it in the ground. This type is more stable than the single screw stake.
• Angled type setting: This type of setting involves a balance between the stake fixed in the ground and the vertical rise of the pole. This helps the stake to remain outside the ground of play and thus keeps the flag exactly on the corner.
• Spring loaded type: In order to provide more flexibility to the flag springs are added at the base. The base is made up of plastic solid which is hollow and is filled by sand or water to provide stability. They can be used for both outdoor and indoor purpose.

The soccer corner flag poles come in two types: PVC plastic and acetate plastic. Some of the recently created poles are compact as well as portable to carry in your bag, since they can be folded into two or three.

The standard diameter for a pole ranges from 1/2 inch up to 1 1/2 inches. Usually the corner flagsare available in sets of four. However, in case you need to replace one, individual flags are also available. These flags are also available in multiples of four if you want to furnish the overall soccer club or soccer grounds in the city. These markers are a combination of a pole and a flag.



HP P2035 – The Swift Laser Inkjet

Are you fed up in printing your documents that even lead you waiting for an hour? Then it’s possible you’ll have to store that turtle-like printer of yours in storage and just avail a great one that can run faster. HP P2035 is a very good choice it’s possible you’ll consider. It may be very reliable for printing high quality black and white paperwork, even quality photos.

HP P2035 is a laser inkjet that is available in a whitish grayish shade. A very good printer it’s possible you’ll display along with your good computer systems at houses and offices. It is known as to be the swift laser inkjet since because of its printing speed. This printer might assist you to print at the least 30 pages of copies in only a minute. If you happen to need quicker print-outs of copies, chances are you’ll even management the mode into having 31.1 sheets per minute. Imagine that! That will be too fabulous and really time-saving. It’s possible you’ll not need then to spend extra ready hours.

HP P2035 additionally is available in a compact design meaning that it may possibly permit you more spaces for other stuffs in your desk aside from the printer and computer. It does not additionally create any annoying sound when in use. HP P2035 can even print in large volumes because it has a dual paper tray that can hold as much as and about 50 sheet of paper for its multi sheet tray and 250 sheets for its input sheet tray. You may even have it related with your USB?s and other parallel port, that means you can print documents and pictures even your laptop is away from the printer. It does have high rated cartridges that can supply not less than one thousand pages and ink cartridges could also be accessible at a very reasonable price too.

To sum it all up, this HP P2035 is a swift yet quiet laser inkjet. It is extremely classical, normal and primary type of a printer; nevertheless, it’s a very much reliable and useful printer to your properties and small offices.


Our Mysterious Mother Moon

At the New Moon, the Moon and Sun are in alignment there is a union of the creative potential (Sun) and unconscious receptivity (Moon). This is the time of conception the egg is ready and waiting for impregnation and this egg contains the potential for the entire cycle. There is a feeling of excitement something important is in the air, but you have no definite expectation of what is to come. There is passion, a pioneering quality and innocence to the New Moon phase. Because this is a time of unknowing it can also be a time of vulnerability and doubt. Be a visionary the function of this phase is to become aware of the intention later there will be opportunities to revise and reorient.

Each new cycle begins in a subjective way. At the New Moon there is an inner stirring or a new interest, but the newness does not occur in a vacuum – the seed or the egg is already there. The New Moon is a turning point both an end and a beginning thus what emerges takes place in the context of what has preceded it. However, the potential for new life is delicate and can be hindered or severely damaged if you are unwilling to open to the new. Be active and spontaneous projecting yourself outward with passion and courage.

During the New Moon phase we form our intent, we see it and act on it. The question to ask yourself is what do I desire? Create a visual representation you can focus on throughout the cycle. The idea is to let the desire become the goal then to become clear about that goal without any concern as to how it will be accomplished. It’s time to trust in yourself and your ability to learn and adapt. It is about the potential to manifest the desired goal. At the New Moon (conjunction) you can think of a million things you desire but they’ll all remain only a potential until you set your focus on something you can manage to achieve. Opportunity arrives a couple of days into the cycle when a bit of discomfort forces you to get down to the business of change.

As an example say at the New Moon you set your intention to find a new job and for the next two days you dreamed of all the things you’d enjoy doing and the places you’d enjoy working with no clear focus and a lot of imagination. If you stayed in that space you’d be doing exactly what you’re now doing for the foreseeable future. Then an unpleasant encounter with your boss renews your determination to actually manifest your New Moon intention. The new job you desired at the new Moon is no longer the dream, it’s now the goal you will carry with you into the Crescent phase where you develop the resources to sustain the vision of the New Moon. Each of the 8 phases last just less than 4 days. So much for what the Moon has to offer each month what does it mean to be born at New Moon?


Moon Rituals and Ceremonies

Full Moon Cleansing

The evening before the full moon is perfect for recharging. Sit outside and bathe in the light of the moon. Place your crystals, oracle cards etc out in the moon or on a windowsill to charge up with the moon’s powerful cleansing energy.

Full Moon Releasing Ceremony

Full moons are perfect for releasing ceremonies. Write down a list of anything you wish to release from your life (or say it mentally). You can ceremoniously burn or bury your list. Put your list in a pot that will burn safely, call in the archangels or your spirit team, and proclaim out loud or silently what you wish to release. For example: “I release my need to control situations,” “I release my vow of addiction to coffee,” or “I release my sense of lack of money.”

Manifesting your Wishes with the New Moon

The new moon is the perfect time for manifesting what you wish to have in your life, whether it be material objects or qualities such as love, compassion and freedom. It is also a ripe time to introduce new beginnings and projects, basically any desires you wish to come into fruition.

You can meditate on your desires, write down a list of positive affirmations, or speak to the moon directly.

New Moon Wishing Ritual

Write down your list of desires and intentions for the next month. You can get into the creative process and use coloured pencils etc if you wish. The idea is that the more energy you put into it, the better the results. The process also creates a sense of magic and ritual. Really get into the feeling of your manifestations as if they are happening right now and use the present tense. This is the key to manifestation.

As with the full moon ceremony, read the list out loud and bury or burn it, or place it somewhere so that you can look back at it during the following month’s new moon, then if there is something that has actualized into reality a month later, show gratitude by thanking the Universe. You can then revise the list and make any alterations which match where your intentions are now.


The First Alien Moon?

Moons beguile, bewitch, and fascinate us as they dance in circles around their planets–both within and, very likely, beyond our own Solar System. Earth’s own large Moon is a lovely world that shines in our night sky with a silvery-golden light that is reflected from our dazzling Sun. In April 2014, a team of NASA-funded astronomers announced that they may have detected the first signs of an alien moon–that is, a moon that does its hypnotic dance around a planet dwelling in the family of a distant star! Although the team of astronomers may never know for certain exactly what they have found, and say that it is currently impossible to confirm its presence, the discovery is an intriguing first baby step toward locating other alien moons. The enchanting discovery was made by observing a chance meeting of objects in our Milky Way Galaxy–which can be seen only once!

“We won’t have a chance to observe the exomoon candidate again. But we can expect more unexpected finds like this,” commented Dr. David Bennett in an April 10, 2014 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Press Release. Dr. Bennett, of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, is lead author of a new paper describing the findings appearing in The Astrophysical Journal. The JPL is in Pasadena, California.

The international study is led by the joint Japan-New Zealand-American Microlensing Observations in Astrophysics (MOA) and the Probing Lensing Anomalies NETwork (PLANET) programs, that made use of telescopes located in New Zealand and Tasmania. The astronomers used the technique of gravitational microlensing which takes advantage of fortuitous alignments between stars. When a foreground star travels between Earth and a more remote star, the closer star takes on the role of a magnifying lens–and both brightens and focuses the light of the more distant star. These magnifying events normally last for only about a month.

If the foreground star (the lens) has a planet in orbit around it, the planet will become a second lens to dim or brighten the distant stellar light even more. By carefully observing these brightening events, astronomers can determine the mass of the foreground star relative to its planet.

However, in some instances, the identity of the foreground object is unclear. For example, it could be a free-floating planet with no star to call its own–and not a star at all. Astronomers might then be able to measure the mass of the planet relative to its orbiting companion–a moon! Even though astronomers are very enthusiastically on the hunt for alien exomoons–for example, by using data from NASA’s highly productive but ill-fated Kepler mission–as of this writing, they have not been able to definitely confirm any.