3 Social Marketing Myths and How to Leverage the Truth for Your Business (Online and Offline)

Social Marketing has established itself as a powerful force in our society. So let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about Social Marketing.

Myth 1 – It’s just for college kids – This is usually said about Facebook and Twitter. edu-art-gelderland While it is true that Facebook started on a college campus, Facebook going mainstream has long since happened. And I’ll show you some proof of that when we take a closer look at Myth 3.

The Reality – Social Marketing is changing the way we do business as entrepreneurs, big business and consumers. Social Marketing has revolutionized the internet as well.

Grandmothers use it to communicate with long lost friends and with grandchildren. People use it to find old High School friends and to cheat on spouses.

It’s easier than ever to spread your ideas… your hate, your love, your indifference to the entire world. It’s quite a responsibility.

Myth 2 – Waste of time – The truth is you can “go down the rabbit hole” and waste a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other Social Marketing sites. If you let yourself. There is the key, if you allow yourself to do it, you can do it. Most anything done to excess can be a waste of time. But it does not have to happen…

The Reality – You can discipline yourself to manage your time on Social Marketing. Set a timer for the amount of time you are willing to spend, and when that timer goes off, you are done. Seriously, until you learn to manage your time with it, use the timer strategy.

Also with automation tools such as, and you can set up much of your Social Marketing to go out automatically while you are doing something else. For small business owners this is a great way to let consumers know about upcoming events, specials and time-limited coupons.

Myth 3 – No money – We really love this one because we still hear it from people as if it is true. People will tell you that there is no money in Social Marketing. This is usually said by those who have not been successful themselves.

The Reality – Remember at the beginning of this article when we told you we were going to show you some proof that Social Marketing was not just for kids anymore? Well we are going to show you that proof, as well as proof about making money with and from Social Media Marketing.

Check out the Top 10 Brands on Facebook according to Included are the number of followers for each site as of December 2010:

1. A Popular Soda Company – 21,357,836

2. STARBUCKS – 18,972,288

3. OREO – 16,138,569

4. DISNEY – 15,472,915

5. SKITTLES – 14,544,182

6. RED BULL – 14,511,400

7. CONVERSE ALL STAR – 12,133,996

8. VICTORIA’S SECRET – 10,824,003

9. CONVERSE – 10,249,110

10. PRINGLES – 8,632,621

Now, would these million and billion dollar companies invest their time and effort on Facebook if they were not going to make money from doing it? These companies and countless other small businesses are spending time in social media because they get their products and services in front of consumers who need and want them.

How about you?

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