The Name to Trust – Rieker Shoes

The Rieker brand of shoes is the season’s hottest brand among footwear companies; the German based company has been in the business from over 130 years, its products available today in 62 countries and named the largest shoe manufacturer in Europe. It has become a popular brand for its superior quality shoes that are affordable priced and that last long. It looks great, has the latest designs and also maintains the flexibility and comfort of the foot with its special anti-stress features. The Rieker brand is the market leader for its specially constructed lightweight and elastic shoe components, the special ‘Anti- Stress’ features that are:

•Minimal weight of the shoes. The Lightweight quality of the Rieker shoes come with a special design on construction so that all shoes of the brand are comfortable, proper fitting at the hells and very lightweight sp as to allow the foot to be able to move forward inside the shoes and thus preventing the shoes form pinching your toes.

•Allowance for maximum flexibility in all shoe sizes and types. All Rieker shoes are very flexible as there is an inbuilt extra space inside the shoes that will allow you to flex your feet easily and thus provide the best fit—also, they are hand stitched, allowing for more flexibility.

•Roomier interiors of all shoes. The Rieker shoes are anatomically constructed, keeping in mind the fact that the foot expands during the day and allowing for room inside the shoe so that your shoes are comfortable, even in hot weather.

•The feature of maximum shock absorption from the body weight. All Rieker boots, mules and sandals have a special shock absorbing system that is integrated with the shoe ad is called the ‘Antistress Sole Unit” that will absorb all the body weight on the feet by spreading the pressure evenly over the entire surface of the foot.

The marketing strategy of the Rieker brand enables a competitive pricing strategy and great retail prices that make these excellent quality shoes quite affordable. The most comfortable shoes too, Rieker shoes have become a hit with people of all ages.

The most important factor about Rieker shoes, be it for men, women or children, is the fact that they are handcrafted, comfortable and provide the most important factor for shoe wear- the anti-stress features of shock absorption and flexibility, which will ensure that the wearers do not have feet ache or the sensation of exhaustion, despite having to wear shoes all day. Also, these shoes are ideal for those on the heavy side, as they get ultimate comfort.

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